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Rewarding, awarding and inspiring your staff are the keys to building a happy and inspired team. With a team that has led groups across 3 continents, through dozens of countries on numerous trips Siyanda can deliver high levels of excellence and aspiration to your next incentive travel group.

With decades of experience in launches, conferencing and audience interaction Siyanda Events plan and execute events that are world class, targeted and perfect for every required outcome. Our trusted team of experts pay careful attention to all of the complex moving parts that form part of a successful event and keep you constantly in the loop so that you can plot your trajectory to success.

Synergised eventing means that everything just feels like it fits. Your message and strategy are important, and your event should be a part of your overall strategy so that every person at your organisation is moving forward in the same direction.

What we see and what we hear is a great way to deliver powerful messages that land with just the right tone. Our specialised videography and scripting teams work to create the perfect tone and to deliver your messages effectively and appropriately.

A successful event requires a considered and structured communication plan. Putting together great stakeholder communication can be the defining factor between a great return on your investment and an event that fizzles. From invitations to social media campaigns and post event videos Siyanda brings structure to your communication plan, from the first email to the last event survey.